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Boiling Water Taps

What is a boiling water tap?

A boiling water tap provides 100°C water straight from the faucet, removing the need to wait for a kettle - make a cup of tea or boil pasta in minutes! The majority of boiling water taps also function as a regular tap with hot and cold water, and some even have filtered drinking water too.

How do I know if I can get one?

Boiling water taps can be fitted to all types of systems including gravity hot water systems. To install one, you will just need sufficient space under the sink (or close by) for the tank to be fitted, and you will also need a plug socket nearby to supply power to the tank.

Are they safe?

Yes, you can be reassured that boiling water taps are often a safer option than kettles as they can't be pulled over by accident. Boiling water taps have a protective cap as well as a double-click safety mechanism to ensure no one can accidentally operate the boiling water.

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