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Boiler Servicing

Why should I get my boiler serviced?

The most important reason for getting your boiler serviced is to make sure it is working properly and to keep you and your family safe. Just like anything, boiler parts can wear and tear with time, which can lead to leaks of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. At servicing, these issues can be picked up and fixed before they cause bigger problems. Not only that, but skipping services can invalidate your boiler's warranty and decrease its efficiency, costing you more money in the long run. 


How often should I get my boiler serviced?

You should get your boiler serviced at least once a year. Summer is a great time to book in as this means we can ensure everything is running smoothly before the winter months when you need it the most!

What does a boiler service include?

A service is like a thorough health check for your boiler and includes the below:

  • Water quality check

  • Expansion vessel check

  • Burner clean (if required)

  • Flue integrity check

  • Combustion level check and adjustment

  • Gas rate to ensure your boiler is running correctly

  • Test for any gas leaks in the property

  • Bleed all radiators (if required)

  • Clean out system filters

  • Check for any leaks inside the boiler

How much does a boiler service cost?

A standard boiler service as above costs just £70! 

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